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Our company publishes and distributes books and poetry that are written by the inspiration of God that through our publishing company we may enhance the quality of life for mankind. We are currently accepting manuscripts and poetry for publication of known and unknown authors from around the world; and continue to distribute all published books and poetry from current authors.

New Life Publishing is always searching for new authors to publish; send us a e-mail to express your interest at:

We are currently in the development phase of a monthly (212 page) inspirational magazine titled: “New Life” that encompasses every facet of life; economic empowerment; inspirational empowerment; arts and entertainment; beauty and fashion; career; diet-nutrition and health; finance and investments.

“New Life” magazine is scheduled to have an initial monthly publishing circulation of 931,730 copies for the first six months, with a targeted monthly publishing of 1.4 million copies during the subsequent eighteen months.

“The Lord gave the word. Great is the company that published it.” Psalm 68:11

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