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The principals of “New Life Singles” are Biblical and are structured to achieve the "Godly" potential of saved, single men and women, divorced or parents without partners. Our purpose is to assist them with every day choices of life issues and assist them to respond to uncertainties regarding all relationships~associations, acquaintances, dating, family matters, and friendships.


Who is eligible for membership?

“Saved,” single and divorced, men and women~~~
II Corinthian 6:14, “Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:”

“These Last Days” are difficult enough for those who choose to live their lives as “Living Testimonies” of the Lord without the frustration of being unequally yoked.

“New Life” shall not be compromised by allowing unbelievers will not have access to fellowship with men and women who are seeking a mate in an effort to live according to the “Word of God.”

“New Life” shall instruct “new entrants” into God’s kingdom to develop a Christian lifestyle that is holistic in the development of relationships that can result in a marriage that will enhance the quality of life for both men and women.

Will this membership exclude those who desire to be saved?

No…Although “New Life Organization” is not the method to achieve “Salvation,” that can only be accomplished through the confession of the mouth and the acceptance in your heart of the Lord Jesus Christ as ones personal Savior.

“New Life” is a national outreach organization, therefore the only qualification is that to participate the single must be saved…Denomination is not a condition for acceptance into “New Life.”

Although “New Life” is a “Christian Corporation,” all members of the body of Christ are eligible and encouraged to participate through membership.

What is the agenda of “New Life?”

First and foremost, “New Life” is a forum through where Biblical principals are espoused to prepare the saved, single or divorced believers to appropriately respond to the daily realities of the workplace, educational systems, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Now that souls have been saved, and shall be adjoined to others it is necessary that the precepts of the “Word of God” be taught and discussed for the practical application in the life of every believer.

Concisely, the guidance coming from “New Life Singles" allows believers to understand the will of God for their lives.

What is the cost of membership?

There is an offering pledge for each member of $15 per/month or $150 per/year that can be paid through the Internet or personal check on the Contributions/Donations page here on our web site…

Does one’s annual membership offering obviate the member from other expenses associated with activities or events promoted by “New Life.”

No…there will be many anticipated activities/events that will be offered for your participation that will have associated cost; however the membership offering will entitle the “New Life” members to the applicable discounts that will be available.

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