New Life Economic Development Corporation


New Life Economic Development Corporation is operated under the direction of the New Life Community Development Corporation to encourage the retention of existing businesses and create new business development within the communities in which we serve.

To retain jobs, we must keep existing businesses competitive to allow these businesses to retain their current workforce and make certain they are afforded the opportunity for strategic expansion that will create new employment opportunities. By the use of these methods there shall be a great result in the impacts of development in transportation, utilities, and population growth.

We are continuing to develop alliances and partnerships that provide access to the capital resources, business development assistance, and technical understanding that will continue to result in new businesses for business entrepreneurs and new job opportunities for community residents.

Quality of Life:

The initiative of quality of life for mankind is extremely important, and we are participating in the development of an environment that is a great place to live, work, and play; while making the environment profitable for corporations to relocate and expand, and generating and stimulating new business development.

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